The baptisms at Hopton Chapel from 1733 to 1837 on Ancestry appear to be the original registers, written and signed by the Minister.  The Reverend Jonathan Toothill was the Minister from 1768 to 1826, when he died aged 82. He kept detailed records but towards the end of his life his writing became illegible. 

In 1837 non-conformist churches were asked to send their registers to the Registrar General in London.  Following an Act of 1840 the registers were kept permanently by the Public Record Office.  Fortunately, someone at Hopton Chapel copied the registers so we have a legible copy of the baptisms from 1733 to 1837.  The copy appears to have been made by William Stancliffe.

From 1837 the register becomes a little erratic and some baptisms may have been omitted.  The final baptism in this register was Ada Alice Peace, baptised on 12 February 1882.  After that date, the only available records for baptisms at Hopton Chapel appear to be 1920 to 1939.  If you know where the missing records may be found, please contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

After you login to this website there will be a + sign next to the Hopton Chapel menu item which will take you to the baptism downloads from 1733 to 1882 as well as those for the burials.  It is hoped to extend the period covered by the baptisms to include 1920-1939 in future updates.

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