This page gives an overview of the material available to registered users who can download the files from this site. After you have logged on as a registered user, there will be another menu off this one named 'Lepton Project Downloads' and selecting this allows the download of the Lepton database spreadsheet plus photographs files.

This project is the second in the series and was completed in February 2014. It both builds upon two earlier surveys plus includes a new survey to locate all known MIs (Memorial Inscriptions), photograph and transcribe their contents plus map all known burials onto a spreadsheet plan.


#2 Richard Horton 2016-07-10 15:32
Hello Malcolm,
After you have logged in, moving the cursor to the 'Lepton Churchyard Survey' will bring up the 'Lepton Churchyard Downloads' to the right of this menu.

Hope this helps,

Richard Horton
#1 Malcolm Batchelor 2016-07-10 13:37

I have registered with the database project but, as a registered user, cannot find my way to "Lepton Project Downloads". How do I access the download please so that I can then try to find a particular inscription.
Thank you
Malcolm Batchelor